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Dental veneers are a miracle of dentistry. For many years, people have tried to improve their smile with a number of different resources, often unsuccessfully. Not so with veneers! Not only can dental veneers improve your smile, they can do so without the need for using tooth replacements. 

A typical set of dental veneers can last over a decade. This is possible because our veneers are crafted from an extremely durable material that fits comfortably and safely onto your teeth for a lasting hold. In addition, dental veneers can be matched to your surrounding natural teeth by color, appearance, shape, size, and curvature.

If you have any damaged or discolored teeth, there are other services that may be able to fix them, but perhaps not to the level of aesthetic perfection that veneers can offer. This is because veneers conceal the front of the tooth completely and show off a better look for a better smile. Veneers are a perfect option for teeth that are stained, crack, fractured, discolored, or have other minor forms of damage.

Why wait any longer to experience the miracle of dental veneers for yourself? With our “smile catalog,” you can actually see the different types of tooth shape, size, color, and other factors that make up your smile to choose the right veneers for you. After the right veneers are chosen, we will send for a wax-up, an artistic carving on a model of your own teeth to give you a preview of how your smile is going to look before our dentist reshapes your teeth.

If you would like to experience the aesthetic transformation dental veneers can provide, please visit MedPlex Dental for an oral exam with Dr. Matilde Castellini. Our team in Orlando, Florida is happy to schedule your appointment by calling 407-351-2245. We look forward to helping you achieve the successful smile you desire!