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Can dental erosion be treated? Dental erosion, also known as enamel erosion, comes about when acids eat away at the precious tooth enamel protecting our teeth. Tooth enamel, the thin layer on our teeth, can be harmed in a variety of ways, but it is typically harmful acids that break through the easiest and make a tooth susceptible to infection and tooth loss. Listed below are a few samples and standard hazards that can put you at risk for dental erosion:

– Acid reflux and heartburn can turn into dental erosion.
– Avoid eating chewy or sticky foods as well as snacks between meals, because the longer food sits on your teeth and gums, the higher the possibility of dental erosion.
– Harmful acids are the most common cause of dental erosion and can be found in acidic foods such as citrus fruits and fruit drinks, as well as highly sugary foods, as sugar can be converted to acid by bacteria in your mouth.
– Sour sweets are highly acidic and can be enormously corrosive to tooth enamel.
– Food and drinks with low pH levels are highly corrosive to your tooth enamel.

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