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If you’re a parent, you probably know that there are several training toothpastes available. You may also know that most toothpaste has fluoride in them, but did you know that training toothpastes don’t? Toothpaste with fluoride in it shouldn’t be swallowed, so you shouldn’t give children this type of toothpaste until they’re able to spit it out. You’ll also need to be careful with how much fluoride you give your child as they get older because overexposure to fluoride can cause fluorosis.

Fluorosis is actually caused by a lack of minerals in the outer layer of your child’s teeth, which usually happens when your child consumes too much fluoride—which is why your children shouldn’t swallow toothpaste with fluoride. Fluoride is often added to drinking water to prevent cavities. Another interesting fact about fluorosis is that it only happens while teeth are developing.

If your child has fluorosis, you might notice white lines or spots in their teeth that look different than the rest of their smile. Fluorosis can also cause dark spots. While these issues can be embarrassing, fluorosis isn’t actually harmful and can be treated. You can also prevent fluorosis by making sure they spit their toothpaste out.

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