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Many people have deep textures on the biting surfaces of the molars and premolars in the back of their mouth. While this is very beneficial for the function of grinding and chewing tough foods, these pits and fissures in the occlusal surface could also trap food material. In time, the bacteria in your mouth could saturate these deposits causing large cavities to develop.

Your regular dental checkup with Dr. Matilde Castellini is designed to thoroughly clean your teeth as well as monitor the overall health of your mouth. If he notices bacterial deposits on the biting surface of your back teeth, Dr. Matilde Castellini might recommend cleaning the tooth enamel and applying protective dental sealants.

This is a clear dental resin painted onto the biting surface of each molar and premolar. Once they have been cured by a special ultraviolet light the dental sealants will create an impervious barrier preventing bacteria from direct access to the healthy tooth enamel.

The dental sealants will be very durable. They can potentially endure the rigors of chewing, grinding and regular brushing for up to ten years. If you live in the Orlando, Florida, area and you are concerned about maintaining the health of your back teeth, call 407-351-2245 to schedule a dental exam and dental sealants at MedPlex Dental.