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Otherwise known as biological dentistry, holistic dentistry comprises the whole person, instead of just their dental health care. At MedPlex Dental, we offer services to our patients, who are looking for an alternative to traditional dentistry. Dr. Matilde Castellini can consult with you on the type of dentistry you desire when you contact us.

There are many benefits to receiving holistic dentistry; they include:

-Less exposure to harmful metals, such as mercury, silver, or any other metals that may have adverse effects
-Care for head, neck, facial, along with teeth & gums, which can be intertwined and connected with dental issues
-Decreased chances of developing infections, disease, and possibly cancer
-Less chance of an allergic reaction to materials or other dental equipment or treatment

Among the many benefits, Dr. Matilde Castellini believes your overall health is improved – psychical, mental, & emotional, when you opt for holistic dentistry.

The difference between traditional and holistic dentistry is vast. The biggest difference though is the philosophy. Traditional dentistry primarily focuses on treating the symptoms of dental disease, whereas holistic dentistry treats the underlying cause of the symptoms, looking at the whole body-system for clues and solutions. The goal is to ensure the work done does not interfere with your overall health.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the specific holistic dentistry services we offer in our dental office, please contact the dentist in Orlando, Florida. You can reach us at 407-351-2245. We hope you will trust us to take care of the whole that is you.