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You could be putting your teeth at a greater risk of damage based on what you eat. Many foods can raise the rate at which tooth decay can occur, some can cause oral accidents or injuries to occur, and others can be so acidic they eat right through tooth enamel.

As you age, your teeth may begin to weaken and become more prone to oral injuries such as chipping and cracking. Thus, you should always use caution when biting into hard or tough foods, as they can damage or break your teeth. As an alternative to help lower the risks, cut foods into manageable bite-size portions, and avoid overly hard products such as corn kernels and giant lollipops.

Foods with high acidity should be circumvented as much as possible. The acids in foods are known to chew through tooth enamel and cause dental erosion. Sugars are just as hazardous to your teeth, as they can be converted to acids within your mouth via harmful plaque buildup. If you cannot avoid acidic foods and drinks, new eat them as snacks. Instead, consume them as part of a larger meal to help neutralize the effects of the acids.

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