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There is much more to mouth health than simply brushing your teeth. Luckily, it is easy to integrate these simple habits into a tooth-healthy lifestyle.

Floss: A daily companion to brushing, flossing should happen every day for 2-3 minutes. It does not matter if it happens before or after brushing, as long as it gets done. For proper technique, use 18 inches of single-filament floss and use a new section of thread for each tooth. This prevents cross-contamination within the mouth. If flossing conventionally is difficult for you, talk with Dr. Matilde Castellini about flossing alternatives.

Chewing Gum: After eating (especially acidic foods) your teeth are more sensitive to abrasion. Thus, it is best to refrain from brushing your teeth for a little while after eating. Instead, chew on sugar-free gum for 20 minutes. This stimulates saliva flow, which cleans the mouth and delivers fortifying nutrients to your teeth.

Drink Water: Plain or fluoridated water is great for both your oral health and your overall well-being. Fluoridated water is best, and is available to approximately 75% of the United States. Fluoride is a substance that strengthens tooth enamel. Drinking water cleans the mouth of food particles and debris, which in turn helps fight cavities.

Visit Your Dentist: It is important to augment your tooth-healthy lifestyle with regular visits to your dentist. These should happen frequently, about once every 6 months. If you are in the Orlando, Florida area and need an appointment, call MedPlex Dental at 407-351-2245 today!