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We can provide dental implants as a custom option for tooth replacement so that you can comfortably and safely regain your full smile after you have experienced a broken or lost tooth. The design dental implants enable them to feel and look like real teeth. You can learn more about the nature of dental implants and their restorative abilities below.

Dental implants are created from a variety of materials, including porcelain and titanium, to make them durable and friendly to your smile. Your dental implant is not quite the same as dentures or a dental bridge because it typically replaces one tooth and is directly placed in your jawbone.

First, we place the titanium post in the jaw where the missing tooth once sat. Then, we fix an artificial tooth to the titanium implant to complete the look. Because the titanium post is actually attached to your jaw, it can provide a durable and comfortable fit that allows you to speak and eat naturally.

Depending on the original location of the missing tooth, the success rate for dental implants can be as high as 95%, especially if they are properly cared for. We typically anticipate that dental implants last a lifetime as long as you have good oral health. Their natural appearance can improve your self-esteem and make them an effective alternative to the less-durable options for tooth replacement.

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