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What makes us different?

For one our service. Most dental offices are transactional meaning they process their patients we tend to be more relationship oriented. A big part of our approach is to fully understand and listen to what our patients are communicating to us so we can better serve them and create a more personalized experience. We always frame our conversations around what really matters most to our patients.

In addition to that we never compromise the quality of our work, and often times we over deliver on our promises.
That’s why we have committed our practice and team to taking out much of our time, energy, and resources into investing in our education, technology, materials, and techniques.

But our biggest differentiator is due to the commitment, the strong effort, and the persistence of a women that never quit to dedicating her life and career to ensure her patients were receiving no less than superior results. That women was my mother. She passed away 5 years ago leaving behind her legacy, and a blueprint of how quality dentistry should be practiced all around the world, and that’s what we practice. Our office is what it is today because of her.

That’s what makes us different.