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Porcelain dental fillings are an attractive and durable alternative to traditional metal amalgam fillings that leave your teeth stronger and more beautiful than ever.

Unlike metal amalgam fillings and dental bonding, however, porcelain fillings are what is known as “indirect fillings.” This means that, rather than being formed from a pliable material directly and built up, they are fabricated separately in a dental laboratory, then affixed already hardened, much like porcelain crowns are.

Porcelain fillings have a number of benefits over other tooth repair alternatives, including:

– Porcelain fillings are fabricated to replicate the color, consistency, and translucency of natural tooth enamel, so they are visually indistinguishable from natural teeth.

– Porcelain fillings are stronger and longer lasting than the alternatives, and can actually serve to strengthen your teeth.

Our porcelain filling procedure takes place over two appointments. Your first visit will prepare your tooth by removing all decayed material, cleaning the tooth, and preparing the surface so it will bond securely with your completed filling. Then, we take a precision mold of your prepared tooth that we send to our certified LVI laboratory, which they use to create a custom porcelain filling to your exact needs.

When you arrive for your second visit, we will have your porcelain filling (also referred to as a porcelain inlay or onlay) ready. We will then bond it to your tooth, using a special process to ensure that the filling is permanently affixed to your tooth. Once your porcelain filling is securely affixed, we will make any final, necessary adjustments to ensure that your filling fits and looks great.

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