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At MedPlex Dental in Orlando, Florida, our team understands how unhealthy mercury fillings are for our clients. This is why we exclusively offer amalgam-free, mercury-free restorations and also offer safe amalgam removal to eliminate any older amalgam fillings you may have.

When removing old amalgam fillings, it is vital that our dentists do so properly to minimize mercury exposure to our client. Our MedPlex Dental team of professionals are not only trained, but experienced in performing safe mercury removal. Our dentists can usually complete this removal in just one visit to our office.

Our MedPlex Dental dentists are meticulous in our efforts to help our patients have a safe, comfortable experience as we help create a healthy, beautiful smile for our clients. Following this dental protocol, our MedPlex Dental team has helped many clients achieve the healthy smile they have been wanting. Our amalgam removals in Orlando, Florida, allow our patients to trade their metal fillings for aesthetic, tooth-colored fillings, without compromising their health.

To find out more about safe mercury removal of your old dental fillings, we invite you to call our MedPlex Dental team in Orlando, Florida today at 407-351-2245. We are always looking out for our client’s smile health!